About Us

Anshan JiaHui Broadcasting Electronic Technology Company was founded in 1999. The company always focuses on radio and television transmitting equipment production and research. We get development in signal processing and high RF technology application. At present, our products are being exported to many countries in Europe and Asia.

The series of solid state television transmitters and FM transmitter had been used with hundreds of companies. Our manufacture is made of main power module production line, incentive equipment production line and assembly line. Our products have passed the ISO9001 certification system, and also, have good quality.

Our team is experienced, religious, and has strong technology in research in broadcasting and television field, which is formed good advantage for our product. We trust the demand of the customer is the only reason to exist.


Since the foundation of our company, we established many offices in Shandong, Hunan and Xinjiang, which were formed a network with good technology support and service. “High quality, benefit each other” is our philosophy. During our growth and expansion, we always focus on the demand of our customer, and try to make our product and service be very professional.

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